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IM Echo

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IM Echo

IM•Echo is a stand-alone module contained within Pearl Echo•Suite. IM?Echo enables administrators to control IM traffic based on an approved list of contacts. An easily administered list of keywords and phrases can also be created to assist in controlling the sending or receiving of inappropriate matter. The IM?Echo module gives administrators the option to decide if a user or group of users will be allowed to participate in IM sessions with users outside of their network. These controls can be adjusted to meet certain time periods so that IM usage can be confined to specific hours. This highly flexible module archives all IM content and provides basic reporting so that administrators can maintain a log of IM activity.

IM•Echo provides user-level monitoring and IM access policies in a client-server, server-centric and peer-to-peer computing environment. Pearl Software's powerful Mobility Monitor™ accommodates customers who are concerned about the continuity of their IM usage policies extending beyond the company’s internal network. IM?Echo also caters to thick or thin client workstations in a Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame environment.

IM•Echo controls and archives all IM content and provides basic reporting so that administrators can maintain a log of IM activity including attempts to circumvent the module.

IM•Echo Benefits
.. Drill down to user level provides direct access to IM text

.. Tailor IM access for specific Directory users or groups of users

.. Control users or groups of users who are permitted to use IM to communicate outside the enterprise

.. Block or audit content based on IM address or keyword to stop inappropriate IM content from the user’s desktop or terminal session

.. Add controls on individuals or groups at anytime using an intuitive administrative interface

.. Define IM-access time controls that lock-down machines or provide greater flexibility during lunch or after hours for day-extenders

.. Increase management's awareness by providing informative reports that are automatically generated and distributed to management, users and auditors

System Requirements

Server Hardware Recommendations (Administration Machine)
A Windows server or workstation with an IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) that can be directly or indirectly (NAT) accessed by the workstations you intend to monitor.
Minimal hardware specifications for optimal performance (250 users) include:
Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz processor or greater
At least 1 GB of free disk space
Operating Systems Compatibility
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2003, including SP1
Windows Vista‡
Windows XP Professional SP1 or higher
Windows 2000 SP4 or higher (Professional or Server)
Windows NT 4 SP6a (Workstation or Server)
Microsoft SQL Server (Optional)

Agent Workstation Hardware Requirements
Processor and Memory as specified by minimum Operating System requirements.
At least 5 MB of available disk space.
Agent Workstation Operating System Compatibility
Windows 2003
Citrix Server, Microsoft Terminal Server
Windows XP, 2000 SP4, NT 4.0 SP6a
Windows ME, 98, 98SE
Windows 95 with Microsoft’s Winsock2 (included)

Note: Installing and running server software on Windows Vista should be done with elevated privileges or with User Account Control disabled.

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