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MARCO is an acronym for Mail ARChiving and Offloading. In addition to grabbing a copy of all inbound and outbound e-mail messages, MARCO intelligently removes and relocates the actual e-mail messages and attachments from the server's mail store. This method preserves YOUR e-mail folder structure, safely protecting your historical e-mail, and reduces the strain and storage needs on your MDaemon mail server. Remember, most mail archiving systems are only effective if you start using them the same day as you started using e-mail. For most people, that was years ago. And they've amassed a large amount of it ever since. You need archiving for mail you have already received and mail you will receive in the future.

What Others Call Archiving...

Server-side mail archiving systems take the easy way out: capture a copy of everything going in and out. This includes spam, junk and other unneeded mail. Historical mail has been largely ignored or left to a very-time consuming, mailbox-by-mailbox manual import process. On the PC-side, IT admins and end users alike have unsuccessfully attempted to use tools such as the Outlook auto-archiver to remove messages from Outlook, only to find they simply do not work. Why? Because auto-archiver pays no attention to the received date for an e-mail. Instead it uses modified date.

What We Call Archiving...

MARCO archives e-mail based on received date, not modified date. What is the difference? We 'read' every e-mail message and determine the date the message actually arrived. Most other archive products merely examine the date the message was changed (modified). Why? Because the modified date is easier to determine. However, it is far from accurate and, as its name implies, this date changes based on how the message is handled by the user and the server. The received date is embedded within the mail message and does not change. It is the ONLY reliable way to archive and catalog messages. Moreover, it means that MARCO can be started at any time within the lifecycle of your MDaemon mail server. Day 1 or day 1001; it doesn't matter.

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