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Pearl Echo•Suite® is an e-communications monitoring, filtering, and control solution enabling effective management of employee Internet usage in mobile, desktop and server-centric environments. Echo•Suite actively captures employee web browsing, file transfers, news, chat, IM, e-mail and web-mail, including all encoded attachments. Echo can both monitor and block e-communications based on keywords and phrases, thereby protecting against the loss of confidential information, transmittal of unacceptable content and access to inappropriate web sites. In sensitive environments, Echo•Suite can also be used to restrict user or group access to only approved external and internal sites. Robust reporting delivers timely activity and violation reports to management.

Website•Echo™ provides network administrators a comprehensive tool to manage employee Internet usage. Website access permissions can be set at the group and user level, based on time controls, keyword triggers, whitelists, blacklists and a dynamic library of domain categories. Administrators can also exempt trusted web sites or domains from blocking.

IM•Echo™ provides network administrators with an efficient means to manage employee IM usage. IM usage permissions can be set at the group and user level to restrict IM activity based on specific protocols, time controls, keyword triggers and trusted contacts. Robust reporting delivers timely IM usage and violation reports to management.

TakeMeHome™ is a patented technology that senses an idle browser and redirects that browser to the web site you designate. TakeMeHome automates the time consuming and redundant task of resetting public access web browsers back to your desired home page.

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