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Network/Rack UPS

Network Protection

true on-line protection for network servers, bridges, hubs, routers, storage devices and critical workstations. The UPS may require extended battery time to provide adequate ride-through of shorter outages, as well as enough time for a graceful shutdown of the system in the event of an extended loss of utility power.

Liebert GXT3 700-3000VA - 50Hz

Reliable On-Line UPS Protection In A Compact 2U Package

Liebert GXT3 is a full feature UPS providing reliable protection for IT network equipment and data centers. It is a true on-line UPS that delivers continuous, high-quality AC power to IT equipment with no break when transferring to battery. It protects equipment from virtually all power disturbances due to blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges or noise interference. The UPS is available in rack/tower configurations.

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Liebert GXT2 4500-6000VA - 50Hz

A high-performance UPS with proven reliability, custom configurability, hot-swap internal batteries and extendible runtime in a compact rack and tower design.

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Liebert GXT2 10KVA

Uninterruptible Power in a Compact System for X-treme Density Environments.

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Nfinity - 50Hz

An Easily Scalable, Incredibly Intelligent, Remarkably Redundant UPS That Takes Systems Availability To The Next Level

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PowerSure PSI - 50Hz

Proven UPS Protection That Will Keep Your Network Up and Running

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Liebert IP Telephony Availability System - 50Hz

Bringing Higher Availability To The Edge Of The Network

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NterpriseIP™ Solution

The NterpriseIP™ Solution is specifically designed to support the deployment of VoIP and PoE equipment.

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