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Take Me Home

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Take Me Home

TakeMeHome automates the time consuming and redundant task of resetting public access web browsers back to your desired home page. TakeMeHome senses when a web browser has been idle for a time period you designate and resets the browser to your start page. TakeMeHome can also eliminate multiple browser windows and restart your Web browser if it was closed at the end of a user’s session.

When used in conjunction with one of Pearl Software’s Internet control solutions, TakeMeHome can help you provide a consistent and controlled user experience for your public display kiosks.

TakeMeHome is perfect for in any application that offers public access to the Internet. Libraries, class rooms and kiosks can be comfortable knowing that open Web browser are not left at a disturbing or embarrassing location.

.. Automatically senses an idle browser and resets it to a specified resource

.. Eliminates need for manual intervention by administrators

.. Closes additional or multiple instances of open browser windows

.. Reduces likelihood of offensive or inappropriate material being viewed by third party

System Requirements

To use TakeMeHome, your system must conform to the following minimum requirements:

IBM PCs and Compatible with 486 or higher processor
4 MB of RAM
1.5 MB of available hard-disk space
Microsoft Windows 95,98,NT,ME,2000,XP
Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

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